Interprète : Suzanne Vega

1. [MI]My name is[MI7/4*3] calypso and [MI]I have lived a[MI7/4*3]lone
[MI]I live on a is[MI7/4*3]land and [MI]I waken [MI7/4*3]to the dawn.
A [LA]long time ag[LA13/4]o
I[LA] watched him struggle [LA13/4]with the sea.
[MI]I knew that he[MI7/4*3] was drowning
[MI]And I brought him [MI7/4*3]into me.
[LA4]Now today come morning light,
[DO]He sails a[DOmaj7]way aft[FA#m7/4*2]er one last [MI]night [MI7/4*3]
I [MI]let him go[MI7/4*3].
2. My name is Calypso. My garden overflows.
Thick and wild and hidden
Is the sweetness there that grows.
My hair, it blows long as I sing in the wind.
I tell of nights where I could taste
The salt on his skin,
Salt of the waves and of tears.
And though he pulled away,
I kept him here for years.
Now I let him go.
3. My name is Calypso. I have let him go.
In the dawn he sails away
To be gone for ever more.
And the waves will take him in again,
But he'll know their ways now.
I will stand upon the shore
With a clean heart and my song in the wind.
The sand will sting my feet and the sky will burn.
It's a lonely time ahead.
I do not ask him to return.
I let him go.
I let him go.

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