Interprète : Neil Diamond

1. [SOL]Lost[DO] on a painted [SOL]sky [DO]where the clouds are [SOL]hung[DO]
For the poet's [SOL]eye,[LAm] you may find h[DO]im,
[SOL]If you [DO]may find [SOL]him.
[SOL]There[DO] on a distant [SOL]shore[DO], by the ways of [SOL]dream[DO]s
Trough an open [SOL]door[LAm], you may Know h[DO]im
If you m[RE]ay
2. We dance to a whispered voice overhead by the soul
Undertook by heart and you may know it,
If You may Know it.
While the sand would become the stone
Which began the spark turned to living bone.
Holy, Holy. Sanctus, Sanctus.
Ref. [SOL]Be, as a page that aches for a [SIm]word
Which speaks on a [DO]theme that is time[SOL]less
While the sun God will [LAm]make for [DO]your [SOL]day
[SOL]Sing, as a song in search of a [DO]voice
That is si[SOL]lent
And the one God will [LAm]make for [DO]you [SOL]may

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